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 faith,   hope,  love

Contact: Nick Taylor 0459325413

               Jane Taylor 0407289538


Meeting Monthly 4.00 - 6.00pm

Tuileries, (The Plenary Conference Room) Rutherglen

Keeping    it    real!

The Vine Church is a bunch of locals and visitors who want people to know God and how great He is. Started in October 2016, our motto is 'Keeping it Real'. Our experience is that the God of the Bible is for real, He knows us, He is Love and He is Good. Jesus His Son is  the hope for humanity, the Holy Spirit empowers our lives, and through faith our world can be transformed for good. Ultimate meaning!





Free on a Sunday afternoon? We would love you to join us! We eat, drink, have a laugh, sing, pray and get inspired - by the Bible, the Holy Spirit and each other. All welcome.

On Sundays other than Vine Church at Tuileries, we have afternoon housegroup, Alpha Course or movies. Give us a call to find out more.

got Questions??

Alpha Film Series. Starting again soon.       
4 - 6.00pm. Sundays or by request.
Please contact us if interested.
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leadership      //           Nick & Jane Taylor

The Vine Church was pioneered by Nick and Jane Taylor with support from the Baptist Union of Victoria and nearby churches, including Corowa Baptist Church, High Country Vineyard Church and New Life Chapel, Wodonga. This year we also partnered with New Methodist Christian Fellowship - a Fijian church from Melbourne. 


'Seek the Lord and Live.'  Amos 5:6 

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